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Gazebo Naming Public Comment

  1. The City of Piqua is requesting public comments, feedback, and ideas from the public for what is currently referred to generically as "the gazebo." 

    A name proposal has been submitted to honor The Mills Brothers: "The Mills Brothers Gazebo." This proposal was submitted by the Diversity Committee to help elevate a sign higher in commemoration of the internationally acclaimed group. The Mills Brothers were of great success in the 1930s, starting their musical journal in Piqua, Ohio, playing various venues, including Mays Opera House. They caught their big break after singing for Duke Ellington in Cincinnati, where they promptly signed to a label and began their rise to lasting fame. They have sold over 50 million records and were the first African Americans to have a show on national network radio. 

    This is a small gesture meant to recognize these celebrated locals and to commemorate The Mills Brothers, including an honorary name using an entryway street into Piqua.

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