The Garden Tribe Schoolyard Garden

The Garden Tribe Schoolyard Garden is a community-wide endeavor that gives local fifth graders an opportunity to learn about food and plants in a hands-on (and sometimes hands dirty) environment. The garden is the result of a coordinated effort between many entities including:

  • Piqua City Schools
  • Piqua Catholic School
  • City of Piqua
  • Miami County Master Gardeners
  • Mark Casto (garden designer)
  • Ruth Koon and Anna Baumeister - project co-chairs

Ruth Koon and Anna Baumeister, coordinators of project, were instrumental in getting the project started. Both commend the numerous volunteers and community partnerships that contributed to and continue to contribute to the project. The project continues via an active steering committee that is continually adding to and upgrading the project and site.

The outdoor learning area of 13 raised gardens is located on the site of the former Nicklin Learning Center directly across the street from Piqua Central Intermediate School. Each of the raised gardens is sponsored by an area business, resident or organization. According to school officials, curriculum has been developed that will allow the gardens to be used for lessons in math, science, reading, writing, art and health. The garden is a unique method to allow students to acquire knowledge in a hands-on environment. The Garden Tribe is the largest school yard garden in Miami County.


October 2, 2018: The Garden Tribe Schoolyard Garden recognized at the State Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator Conference.  The Garden Tribe was selected for an Outstanding Project Award in the Backyard and Local Food Category.

Video designed/produced by A.J Ganger and the Indian Nation Station - Piqua High School.
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