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Bridge Naming Public Comment

  1. The City of Piqua is requesting public comments, feedback, and ideas from the public for what is currently called "The Great Miami River Trail Bridge." Two names have been proposed for the new bridge being constructed across the river to meet Goodrich Giles Park. 

    The first is "Atomic City Bridge," proposed by a group of people made up of the Diversity Committee, a Planning Commissioner, and local bike advocates. This name was proposed to commemorate the nuclear program run in Piqua between 1963 and 1966, a short-lived but impactful period that made Piqua a front-runner in this new energy-source adoption and caused the city to be dubbed for a time "Atomic City."

    A second proposal has been forwarded by a local community member, "The Goodrich Giles and Atomic City Bridge." This proposal is meant to represent the crossing from one side, the general area of the former nuclear facility, to Goodrich Giles Park.

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