Housing Enhancement League of Piqua (HELP)

The Housing Enhancement League of Piqua (HELP) is here to help!

As citizens of Piqua, we all try to do the best that we can to keep up with the maintenance of our homes and property. There are times, though, that for a variety of reasons, many of them being financial, that we are unable to stay on top of the maintenance that is needed with our homes and property. In times like these HELP could be just a phone call away.

Through HELP, Citizens for a Better Piqua is working to coordinate residents, businesses, civic and fraternal groups, churches, schools, neighborhood associations and other interested individuals that are interested in volunteering to help a neighbor in need. By offering to help with small projects such as snow removal, leaf raking, and minor home repairs those who are working together with the neighbor who is in need, can be about making Piqua the best that it can be!

Housing Enhancement League of PiquaPlease know that as part of the HELP program it is expected that the homeowner will work side by side with those who come to work on the needs that have been identified. Of course, the physical abilities of the homeowner will be taken into consideration, but HELP feels that it is important that the home owner, who is receiving the help, be part of the solution.

Upon the request of help, a member of the HELP coordinating committee will meet with the homeowner. It will then be determined how the homeowner can assist those who will be providing the help that is needed to maintain the property and residence.

If you are in need of some help or would like to volunteer for HELP then please contact Resource Coordinator - Janel Ranly.