Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA)

  1. Filing
  2. refund / taxes owed
  3. Administrative Subpoena

Tax Accountant

Have your taxes prepared by a Tax Accountant

File Online

  1. Go to to access the very user friendly program
  2. Create your account by click the green box labeled MyAccount
  3. Once your account is created, go back to the front page of the website and click the green box labeled Fast File 
    1. Please have your Federal Tax forms and W-2's ready before you start. The system will time out after a long period of inactivity. 
    2. If, you have more than one W-2 from the same employer you will have to total your boxes together and enter one total amount. 
  4. Once your return is complete, print the confirmation page for your tax records

Prepare Your Return Yourself

Tax return forms can be printed from RITA's website, picked up from the Piqua Public Library, or at the Piqua Government Municipal Complex located at 201 W. Water St. (forms will be in the clear boxes right inside the door to the right between the Tax Office and Utility Business Office)

Have RITA Prepare Your Tax Information

  1. Complete an Individual Registration Form (Form 75) and an Individual Municipal Income Tax Drop Off Sheet. Make sure to make a copy for your tax records before sending.  
  2. Mail those two forms along with copies of your federal tax form and W-2(s) to: RITA, P.O. Box 94801, Cleveland, Ohio 44101-2004

Have RITA Prepare Your Taxes in Person

RITA is available to prepare your taxes in person at six locations listed on their website. The closest location to Piqua is in Xenia at: Xenia City Administration Building, 107 E. Main St., Xenia, Ohio 45385. Their availability is Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. Appointments are not required but might change closer to the tax submission deadline. 

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